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NOTE: If you cancel the exercise, wear the right of the consumer to return any money.

How long can I return the items?

Items returned without wear and resale condition, you must replace the original label.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return to our redemption order is 14 days from the delivery date. Items returned without wear and resale condition, you must replace the original label.

How object obsolete or inadequate reimbursement?

All orders may be returned abaliflooring.com.au

VOICE - items you can send to us (s).

Store items can be returned with an invoice and the resurrection of our store. However, they are handled by our office staff, to order the return of the original is used to pay the deposit return, please note.

Wrong item is defective / (s)

When they arrive, check the goods. Mistakes / damaged / If you have received a wrong item, please feel free to email the order number and the nature of the error or technical error.

We (us provide our receipt of an electronic or scanned photo) will receive the return shipping cost of the item with a value of 7 pounds.

It is necessary to order within 14 days from the delivery date.

For our return policy Wear / or use, return the defective item, please email us for further assistance.

What happens now?

Under normal circumstances, it takes two days to be processed after receiving the revenue. Refund in accordance with all relevant EU directives provide an object to receive our revenue fourteen days.

Repayment convert - refund will be credited back via the original payment method. Refund, the processing time is 0-5 days after the account in accordance with the original payment method.

For some reason, I can not refund the original payment method of credit data in order to pay the amount due to us will be sent to you.

We return you, and the e-mail confirmation message will be sent refund.